Non-Profits Ask the Wrong Question When Selecting a Fundraising Silent Auction

When attempting to find a Fundraising Auctioneer, the primary question typically requested by using most non-income groups is the incorrect query. The first query normally asked is “Who will work as our Auctioneer without cost”, whilst a better query would be “What Auctioneer can assist us raise more money for our purpose than we did remaining year”.

A “Volunteer Auctioneer” is generally nothing Silent Auction items greater than an inexperienced bid caller who has the same opinion to work without cost. This character typically is popular and friendly with key players inside the room however has very little actual Auction revel in. They do not understand the Auction method, they don’t know how to study the bidders in the room, and they don’t understand the way to circulate the Auction alongside fast and effectively. They sincerely stand on the podium and ask for bids from the gang. And they may be usually more interested by not embarrassing themselves rather than elevating as a good deal money as viable for the cause.

Most non-earnings corporations are willing to pay the power, printer, caterer, liquor keep, disk jockey, and florist… However they anticipate the Auctioneer… The best character who will generate sales for them… To paintings at no cost. And once the Volunteer Auctioneer is positioned, most companies congratulate themselves for saving a few hundred dollars. But in truth, this choice would not keep them money… It expenses them money. Because most companies fail to remember the fact that the profit from a Fundraising Auction is made all through the vital Pre-Planning Steps, now not on Auction Day.

Although it could sound cliché, it is proper. “You can’t sell from an empty wagon”. And that is without a doubt proper with Fundraising Auctions. An occasion may have a amazing purpose, a beautiful place, and a massive crowd, however if there is not anything exciting and treasured to promote on the Auction, the Auction may not increase plenty money.

Experienced Fundraising Auctioneers remember that there may be a three-step method to elevating cash at a Fundraising Auction and every step is crucial to the monetary achievement of the event.

Step 1) Pre-Event Meeting: This is where the Auctioneer meets with the institution at the least three-6 months prior to the occasion, and at this assembly the Auctioneer will:

Explore the institution’s mission and the occasion’s economic targets.
Explain to the group how the Auction process works, spotting that maximum committee participants have very little real Auction revel in and regularly want some steering.
Discuss how the Silent Auction ought to paintings.
Discuss how the Live Auction ought to paintings, together with timing, duration, and an appropriate range of items for sale.
Explore the possibility of a Special Pledge Appeal… On the way to regularly enhance extra money than the Silent and Live Auction mixed.
Explain what gadgets typically promote fine at Fundraising Auctions.
Explain what objects to keep away from.
Motivate the organization and get them transferring in the proper course, months earlier than the occasion date.
Step 2) Pre-Event Consultations: Most corporations will have many questions because the Auction date strategies. The Auctioneer should be to be had to offer guidance and answer such questions as:

Is the organization on track to reach their Auction economic goals in phrases of both quantity and value of the Auction items solicited to this point?
Which items must pass in the Live Auction, and which need to be relegated to the Silent Auction?
What is the most efficient order of sale?
If accomplishing a Special Pledge Appeal, are all bases covered?
Final hints, thoughts, and ideas approximately such critical subjects as Auction Staffing, Bidder #’s, Auction Listings, Registration & Checkout, and so on.

Non-Profits Ask the Wrong Question When Selecting a Fundraising Silent Auction
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